Scrapbook Heaven

After some Starbucks butterscotch coffee, yum, I decide it was time to begin the Saturday morning chores. Originally I thought of an adventure, but find I am tired and a day at home would be a wonderful adventure in its self.

Organize the home, prep for the week and soak all the stresses away in a warm tub. My day is planned out, no changes, right?

We are still in full prep mode for the fall, and as the rain, lightening and thunder are still upon us daily, we use it to move items in the house, inventory the freezer and go through the books we are going to donate. (The books are heading to Ethiopia in a container to the university).

I am determined to search through one box in the garage, that has been sitting; it has moved to the top of my list. Into the garage I go to see if there are any treasures left from my scrapbooking days. Eureka!!! I find a box inside a box labelled and to my surprise, it is full of scrapbooking stickers, stamps and scissors. I am elated!

I spent a little time Friday night, while I was to be picking up dinner at the grocery store to cook, fondling the aisles of scrapbook heaven. I am a two hander, so I need to put my purse in the cart and take in all the items, looking, reading and determining what I need or should I say want. Let’s be honest, I want it all!

After much deliberation, I think I went through all the jurors in my head, I have established what I am getting with my magnificent coupon and then I had to venture to the clearance section, excited on my finds, laughing and clapping my hands. The lady over from me, just laughed at my joy. I am who I am.

Over the past while, throughout all the ups and downs, the self discovery, there have been specific quotes that have choked me up and touched my heart. I have decided to incorporate all those quotes, into an album with the growing pictures of the pup.

The PTSD is the reason she is here and the journey for myself seems reflective in her own growth from puppy to tame monster. (She just finished Lampchop off this morning).

I am not sure tame would be the correct word for her! She has turned into an amazing gentle moose, that has Silence of the Lambs tendencies every so often. I can deal with that. (No pun intended, tee hee).

With my new book in hand, I am prepared for my Sunday afternoon, as the rest of Saturday also included a three hour nap, a tub, some laundry and quiet time as my eyes are pulling a Mr. Bean.

Dont worry, I am not driving today as they continue their dance, but I am keeping my backlight and electronic use to a minimum. After reading my horoscope today, it reminded me to put my oars down. Hello? Who the heck is in my head?

With the dancing eyes, the blindness, the enduring physical joys, I find I have been trying to steer Noah’s ark and need a break. So today I give all my compulsive and control freak tendencies to the universe and may find myself napping once again.

My words will be kept to a minimum and all I will do, is wish you the most amazing, snoozing, relaxed, carefree Sunday possible.


Love always the sticker loving, scrapbooking, running with scissors, Woman in Process

P.S did I mention I even bought a sticker maker! Total geek! I so need a t-shirt.



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