Gratitude of Darkness

This weekend was one of pain, laughter and a half day of relaxation, which felt like I had so many more hours than I did. I have been thinking about the season, as the leaves are falling on me, the rain continues and begin to think about all the things I love about fall, or maybe it’s the things I love today, everyday!

Instead of writing about the weekend itself, I decided to just list the things I am grateful for, the things that seem to make me stop and say wow.

Waking up to a dark sky and not having to get up and run to work. My comforter being pulled up tight and having the time to  just lay there in the dark, to take in and love the moment.



Fresh ground coffee, with of course, baileys! It is Sunday morning. I do like my coffee very hot.

Mr. Jones making me eggs for breakfast, cooked in a garlic olive oil. Delicious!

The pup turning more gentle, kind and loving. This morning when I ran to the facility, I came back into the room and she had jumped up and crawled into the bed for morning snuggles, (or she was cold), I was so excited, as normally she waits till the last minute to come up and then we only get a couple minutes before we start the day. Today, we got a whole half hour of snuggle time and giving tummy rubs then she falls back asleep in my arms. True love!

After spending the summer, with a cool shower, the weather has taken a turn down a few notches and my girlfriend said her furnace started the other night. I am so grateful for the hot shower, I stood in it for a very long time. Dear hot water, I missed you so, welcome back.

A home project that Mr. Jones and I can work on together. We broke our rolly Polly, I have called it this, since I was a kid, (that’s a lazy Susan), so we had to add a shelf and do some maneuvering. It prompted a complete reorganization of some items in the kitchen and it is much more efficient, a place for everything. This is perfect for me as I am a labeller junkie.

The cupboard fits one man or 222 cans.

Buying organization items; always love purchasing new things to organize and adapt to us. The wooden box I purchased, even has the writing, thankful and grateful on it. I, of course had to get it and put my collection of olive oil and vinegars in it. I love this collection, it’s amazing to cook with, now my crafting head starts creating recipes.

Making lemon poppy seed muffins and chocolate chip cookies, of course my recipe with the oatmeal and coconut. Don’t forget eating them to, that is a highlight reel!

Turkey in August. A great turkey breast roasted, cooked with vegetables from the Farmers Market. Thank you farmers, for putting this meal on my table. Dessert was fresh peaches from the orchard and cookies.

Heading back to Michaels for a few more clearance items and finding that the same items are there, no one else bought any of them! My marquee was changed for our evening movie night. I am Geek!

Scoring in finding a couple of things for Christmas gifts already and purchasing them. There is one off my list already. Not to mention the few items I already have for  all the kids, wait, I think I have four done! The realization you are even more ahead of the game!

The daily amenities, that make life so much easier for us, from dishes, to my laundry machines, to my vacuum. Picture it -40 and having to beat your rugs. Thank you Dyson!

Friends who remind you, things are going to be okay, as your anxiety is hitting an all time high. The pup has to be spayed this week, so I go from tears to worry, to it will be alright. She means the world to me, and I have taken, an extra day off with the long weekend to wait on her and help her stay relaxed. Here is to a speedy recovery and healthy recovery.

Finding a new show that Mr. Jones and I are taking the time to watch it together. I love these moments; it’s an hour we sit and laugh and you hear a lot of what, no, I can’t watch (that’s me), we have to watch the next one. Did you see that coming?

Sitting in a quiet home in the morning, both reading our news and seeing what happened in the world overnight (which sure can be a lot).

Enjoying cartoons you watched with the kids.


The list is endless and previously I have mentioned, how I have to find the beauty or the gratefulness of things each day. This week, I am struggling walking still and my body is hitting its annual crash. This mean complete loss of my mobility in my legs, not being able to get up and I will end up in bed for a bit. I have been reminding people I am fine, I got this.


I have a massage booked here on Saturday, and am hoping I can make it to that date and then start recovering. I know it gets worse before better, so I just may remind you of things you forgot were items to be happy about, things we may have taken for granted.

This week, take the moment to look around, to see what you have, the people there, to feel even more blessed and appreciate it all.

We are officially entering the season of thankfulness.

Love the blessed, grateful, Woman in Process








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