What Can I Say?

The past few weeks feel as though I am on California Screamin’, a quick rush through the ride and then done. Each day has felt like that, as though the day, the week, have spewed by and somehow I missed it. I think I may require the Cliff notes so that I can follow along.

Work: busy with lots of daily tasks. Desk covered in post it notes and endless lists as I tackle tasks, cross them off and keep adding. Who said things were slow! How many post it notes does it take to cover a desk? My pen has run out of ink and my computer is taking temporary shutdowns to try and recover. Note to self, bring matches, it’s budget season, oh and a hammer, I am doing maintenance as well. Need more duct tape.

Home: decorating, crafting, husband busy, Halloween looked great, repacked, starting my winter decorating. Reorganizing, small things at a time and cricuting when I can. Reading the never ending book because I read a page and am passed out before the next. Thank gosh the library lets me renew three times, if I don’t get to the ending soon, I won’t have to worry as I will just forget anyways!

Dog: growing quickly and becoming more gentle and kind. She is a gentle giant. She now has turned into a loving crawling into the covers, when it’s cold and likes to lay sideways across the bed whenever she can, probably to tell me it’s her bed not mine. I make her share. She is a treat sucking connoisseur of fine treats and is meeting new friends twice a week. She is still enjoying coming to work and likes to demand my attention with her paws on my desk on the other side like a mob boss. Her love is unbelievable!

My girl: turned 21 today and is on an adventure on her own for a few days. She does have an incredible spirit ans I am happy, as she has been having a tough go and needed to find herself. I think she has.

Photos: Still taking lots of photos and trying to recover what is happening in my daily life and so I can remember later on. Need to get back to my dog growing book this weekend. Need to pull out the big camera and find more inspiration to just breath. Need to not get upset, stomp camera lens, or throw it puddle. Note to self.

Health: uhhhh can I skip this one. Relapse, better, downward trend, feeling better, running like crazy woman, feel crappy, lose mobility, come back up some, friend passes, aunt passes, nose dive, back up, looking fabulous and can’t stop smiling, and then it starts all over again. I’m exhausted just writing that, but living it, some days is hell and other days I look for my rainbow why god keeps me here or the leprechaun on the other end for the pot of gold. I will have to ask, anyone know his number as it’s not in the memory on my phone.  I felt like it’s a fight song for football; stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight. I have my own cheering squad in my head. I also did do a yoga class on dealing with chronic pain, that was great and I had more movement. Score it’s a winner! I wasn’t even drunk that morning.

Wine: not enough drank but did add to the rack because I believe you need to be prepared. This way I have for whatever ends in day. That’s someday, one day, weekday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, every day, oh and we must add the eluded screw it day!

Scotch: bought bottle for my birthday, had a dram, husband got into it like it was cheezies or my popcorn. Have not bought anymore since. Insert sad face.

Coffee: drank way too much, slowing down at least I thought and then drank more to help me find some kind of energy. Nope not found yet, still searching, may add coffee day to listing and chase with wine. Hmmm I could start a new group with this.

Temperment: ask my assistant if anyone has been missing, insert my evil laugh here. Doing pretty good with all the curve balls, working on hitting them out of the park. Just keep telling myself I got this shit.

Well I think that’s a bit of the note sections, I will have to check the table of contents to see what I missed and get caught up so that I know which way is up.

As always, love the, who’s life is this, where the hell is my scotch, how come I get no part of the bed, Woman in Process

P.S I’m thinking of hiding the spare cheezies and scotch bottle but think the bloodhound, Mr. Jones will sniff them out. He always seems to know. Testing this weekend. Slainte!





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