Thank You

As I arose this morning and feeling sick and under the weather my body would have loved to stay in bed all day. That was not the case nor was I allowing it. Today was about others, remembering and paying our respects.

I crawled into the tub to warm my joints, dressed up warm in my long coat and with my Paddington Bear hat on, cane in hand we went to another beautiful outdoor Remembrance Day ceremony. As I sit on the bench awaiting everyone’s arrival, and am chatting, I look up to the sky. What a blessing!

It shines the most amazing shade of blue, the clouds much like the picture, dancing through the sunshine with Mr. Jones standing in front of me and my sister beside me, we are enjoying a gorgeous day together, free and peaceful. We have so much to be grateful for!

To my grandfather who spent time in service, thank you, I had no idea until much later the sacrifices you have made. To family, friends, strangers, thank you for allowing us to have this freedom. You have given so much of yourselves. I will not take it for granted.


I hope all of you were able to have a moment of silence and just say a big thank you for this amazing gift that we have all received in our lives. Hugs and love from me to you.

Love always a very grateful Woman in Process


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