On Hold

I started writing this blog in November and finally the pieces are being put together over the past few weeks, it’s truly amazing what you can see if we are open to where we really are in our lives.

The world is such an odd place at times. We are so quick to wanting answers now, instant gratification and that the expectation is it should not really matter. It doesn’t matter and yet the days are so hectic and crazy, filled with the usual tasks, I feel like a zombie. As I am laying in bed working on slowing down my mind and finding the calming thoughts, it begins to wander.

The pup, more like my moose, is snuggled up on the bed and I try to pull the covers up. Nope! She is like a cement pillar holding everything down from a tornado, she is my anchor. I laugh, pet her some more and turn off the light to pull the fleecy style sheet up against my face, my other hand rubbing the top of her head.

I start to laugh thinking what if my dog purred every time she was happy and realized how much that would be. She is constantly excited, playing, and the best happy is when I see her each time I pick her up from day care or come home and she is waiting for me, giddy in the window. Her purr may run out and I wonder could she purr and wag her tail at the same time? These are much more serious questions that need to be thought about than the mountain of paperwork on my desk, right?

As I write this, her face is shoved into my shoulder trying to get me to tug a war on what is left of a once fluffy toy, not sure what it truly was. Squeak, squeak, the sounds continuously fill the room and I realize it is time to get on to duty, though I would much rather stay here instead. It’s much more peaceful.

My world has felt somewhat overwhelming lately and I am so looking forward to the escape that my mind needs. Absolute nothing. As always, I hear the comments you must be doing too much for Christmas prep, uh nope, I just work. My Christmas prep is so simple; I organize and complete a couple of tasks in a few weeks and the shopping over many months. I don’t have too worry about trying to run to get that accomplished, I am a pro there. Martha move over, because I’m all about imperfections.

The one aspect I have to work on is slowing down my mind and working with the challenges this time of year physically brings me. I then begin to sit down and reassess where I am, what have I missed, am I still making progress? Have I been too busy to notice or see where I am? There are many questions to still find answers for and many I think I must have subconsciously been working on, without realizing.

One day something just switched, I tell my therapist that where I am now, I feel like I can pick up the other bubbles that I had to let go and start focusing on relearning each of them. When your health goes, your mental state there is so much confusion and so much going on you cannot focus on anything more. I passed my one year in November of my complete breakdown. That day still marks a new date, not of what I lost, but the day I started to learn to live again. Your asking was I scared? I sure was, but I had faith.

I was pessimistic last week one day, not normally me and then reminded myself to be open, now realizing it was a sign and I didn’t pay attention, I was focused on other things. That morning I sat with someone, brought out my finances and spent time working on how to start rebuilding my goals as I let it all go. I couldn’t believe in anything anymore, thinking there was no way that I could get there. I was sad, and I was haunted, that to me there wouldn’t be dreams and a beautiful ending, it was all dark.

I decided I was changing that. That morning brought on a new feeling and I felt like one bubble was picked up and placed back up around me. Now how many others did I leave laying around? Let’s not ask that, as I’m sure they will all start bouncing back up when the timing is right.

I picked up the relationship bubble and am slowly working on that, that means with Mr. Jones, friends and co- workers.  I have been trying to be conscientious, as not all know, nor understand the black hole that I have been digging myself out of. For visual effects, it literally feels as though a thick and heavy black mud, oil style keeps pulling me down telling me nope this is where you are staying and I’m fighting and clawing my way out, saying f— no I’m not! It’s so suffocating, it really felt like a time to just give up completely, but the stubborn old witch in me is now figuring out how to use that blackness, that mud and turn it into something better.

Paintings are not as dark, there is more life I see and possibilities. I also started to pick up the physical health bubble. Blood pressure is fine, so check I got one right on the list. The doctor will do a complete review with me and I am taking back it in this next year. The mind is so powerful, it can break every spirit we have, rebuild it, and keep renewing our faith.

This season I am focusing on faith, it’s what seemed to get me here and I am looking forward to embracing it more, believing in myself and believing in the good of others.

I wish you a blessed day and think you will hear from me soon, as I think I feel like I may be up the climb of the mountain and looking at the beauty.

Love always the faith embracing Woman in Progress

P.S the pup wrote her letter to Santa, I thought I should share.






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